Traditional Chinese Cuisine

The Asian culture has always made freshness and tradition the top priorities when it comes to the dining experience. Our selection of fine Chinese cuisine is always prepared with these priorities in mind.

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Triple Star

Crab Volcano Roll

“Best Sushi in the Suburbs”

We import the freshest and highest grade seafood almost every day to ensure you are getting the highest quality sushi experience. Our sushi chefs have years of top notch training in the culinary arts and will amaze you with their artistic talents and attention to detail.

The Lunch Menu
The Dinner Menu

Beautiful Party Room for Up to 60 People

Our private dining room provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests so all you have to worry about is having a good time. We have party packages to accommodate all of your needs and satisfy any appetite.

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Party Room


Devotion to the Chinese Culture

China is a country where the preparation and appreciation of food has been developed to the highest level. To the Chinese, food and friends are inseparable. A gathering without food is considered incomplete and improper. The Chinese believe that good cooking depends on the blending of various ingredients and condiments rather than the taste of the individual elements. The flavors of the ingredients must be blended with harmony. Without harmony there is no taste.