The mural in our elegant dining room (shown above) is a hand-painted silk scroll of the most famous work of art in Chinese history, the Qingming Festival by the River. The elaborate reproduction of this masterpiece took a Chinese artist three months to complete. It came in five pieces and was carefully mounted on the wall. Please help us in conserving this magnificent piece of art.

The painting can be divided into three parts: scenes of the suburb, the Bian River and the city streets. In the suburban scene, farmers are working in the field and wealthy people are returning from cemeteries after paying respect to their ancestors. The street is crowded with people on horseback, when carts and sedan chairs. The Bian River scene is the most significant part of the painting. The arch bridge is like a rainbow over the river, crowded with people and animals. On the Bian River, a number of merchant boats raced to move forward. The city streets are lined with government mansions, residential courtyards, workshops, restaurants, grocery shops and even a barbershop. There are 550 human figures, people with every social status, from privileged government officials on wagons and sedan chairs to laborers pulling the boat, each drawn in great detail with different expressions on their faces. The business, handicrafts, architecture and transportation tools of the northern Song Dynasty are vividly reflected in the painting. The entire scene, from the exciting marketplace to the picture-perfect countryside, is carefully arranged along the Bian River, forming an interesting contrast and a great sense of rhythm.

The Qingming Festival by the River is a priceless painting, both from artistic and historic points of view. It offers a rare window of ancient Chinese civilization, through which prosperous life by the river in the big metropolis of the Northern Song Dynasty one thousand years ago, can be studied.

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